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The way you feel is never wrong.

Sometimes we feel a certain way, and we hold back and think to ourselves "well...someone else has it way worse off than I do" then you stifle your feeling and hold back your emotions.

Why do we do this?

If you're feeling angry - feel angry. If you're feeling sad, feel sad. Guilty? Feel guilty. Grieving? Go at your own pace. There is no rule book on how you should or shouldn't feel, and for how long. Now if you find yourself with lingering feelings of sadness or intense debilitating anxiety, it may be time to speak with a professional or set up a consultation with us here at HeartHead.

Don't guilt yourself into not expressing your emotions just because "you don't have it that bad". How you feel is how you feel. That's never wrong. It can lead to a much deeper wound if you stuff down your emotions. So let that out! Don't hold back, and never question the way you feel.


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