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If you are in immediate crisis, please call 911 or

the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 988. 

Or text "HELLO" to 741741 for the crisis text line.

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We help you pay for therapy.
Positive Psychology Coaching.

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Eighty percent of individuals acknowledge the value of therapy as a worthwhile investment. Nevertheless, two-thirds of them discontinue therapy due to prohibitive out-of-pocket expenses. Even among those with insurance and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) coverage, 40% find themselves unable to cover the costs, leading to therapy cancellations.


In a time when stress levels are already soaring for many, this exacerbates the challenges they face. Enter Heart Head – we're here to change that narrative and offer assistance.


OUR MISSION is to make mental health care and therapy both affordable and attainable to everyone, regardless of financial situation or insurance coverage.



OUR VALUES are simple: Be kind to your mind.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. We believe that everyone should regularly be open and honest about their emotions and well-being regardless of age, gender identity, race, ability, ethnicity, or religion.

OUR VISION is that no one neglects their mental health because they cannot afford it or are faced with insurance red tape. Every therapist should be an option, not just “In Network” therapists. Therapists should also be compensated fairly for the valuable services they provide. Mental Health care should not cost more than physical health care, it’s a law that needs to be enforced.

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Welcome to the #HeartHead community. 

In addition to helping you pay for therapy, at #HeartHead, we're here to listen without judging. Mental health is something EVERYONE deals with on a daily basis. We also realize that mental health can be very complex, so you may need to sort things out. We're here to help you create a plan, and empower you with a sense of emotional literacy. 

We use Positive Psychology, and the science of human flourishing. Instead of focusing on what's wrong and trying to fix problems, we embrace solutions to help you harness the good you already have in your life, connect the dots, and navigate your mental health.

Help Support our mission.

How much do I donate?

To put it in perspective, one therapy session can range from $65-$250 depending on someone's insurance coverage and financial situation. Oftentimes therapy gets neglected because of other important expenses. 

MAXIMIZE YOUR DOLLARS: We partner with therapists and negotiate lower prices so we can help MORE people. 

Therapy shouldn't be a luxury. 



wear ur heart on ur sleeve

Portion of merch sales directly help fund HeartHead's mission to help people pay for therapy. 

Mental Health
Financial Assistance

You will be contacted within 24-48 hours.

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